Client-centered care

Flexed Physiotherapy provides client-centred care, combining both active and passive treatments.

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Driven by an insatiable passion for improving our client’s health and well-being, Flexed physiotherapy ofers a diverse range of services and treatments to help guide you on your recovery journey.

Starting from the acute episode of symptoms, to normal health, to regaining full fitness, and beyond in order to prevent issues in the future.

Our services include treatment for:

musculoskeletal everyday injuries
sports injuries
spine & posture
chronic pain
post-surgical rehabilitation
balance & mobility
dry needling
headaches, dizziness & vertigo
pregnancy-related issues
and more…

Each treatment we provide is tailored to the individuals needs and ensure that they are receiving an effective strategy to manage their pain or treat an injury.

Josh Kestenberg, Director Physiotherapist

Flexed director and qualified physiotherapist Josh Kestenberg ofers years of experience for your rehabilitation or pain management journey. Having experience in both musculoskeletal and sports injuries, as well as an in-depth knowledge and practice treating the elderly, Josh is able to expertly and proficiently treat a number of ailments.

If you’re looking to treat chronic pain or a recent injury and take steps to prevent a reoccurrence in the future then contact the team at Flexed. We are committed to providing the utmost in physiotherapy standards to help with the management of pain and injuries