If you’re looking for a massage in Caulfield, why not try Flexed?

Located at 275 Wattletree road, Flexed is located less than 3km (7 minutes’ drive) from Caulfield Plaza Shopping Centre.

Flexed boasts modern facilities, an experienced and passionate team, and a personalised approach to ensure your comfort and recovery. So for a massage in Caulfield, venture to Flexed for a tailored and thorough experience. Book online today.

Relaxation Massage, Remedial Massage and Sports Massage

We offer three different variations of massage to effectively target your areas of concern.

  • Relaxation massage helps with stress relief and relaxation
  • Remedial massage targets chronic pain and musculoskeletal injuries and;
  • Sports massage for muscle soreness, sports injuries and assisted recovery

All Flexed practitioners have years of industry experience and a fervent passion for health, wellbeing, fitness and pain management. We are specifically trained to provide you with exceptional treatment.

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is treatment specifically tailored to manage pain.

Flexed practitioners can help with a variety of conditions through remedial massage including,

ongoing musculoskeletal injuries, sciatica, carpal tunnel, a stiff neck, headaches or muscle tension.

During a remedial massage a therapist will manipulate the soft tissue in the body to bring about a therapeutic effect. Sometimes the process can include work on deep tissue.

Remedial massage is perfect for those suffering with chronic pain.

Relaxation Massage

Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Sometimes a little down time is just what your body and mind needs to relax, unwind and relieve stress.

There are few better ways to unwind than with a relaxation massage. Whether you’re recovering from a strenuous work week, or perhaps you just want a little treat, our experienced team can help to wash your worries away. Made up of a combination of strokes, kneading and gentle manipulation as your chosen firmness, relaxation massage is the perfect way to destress the body and the mind.

Sports Massage

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to benefit from sports massage. Whatever your level, active people can be susceptible to sports injuries or general muscle soreness. Our sports massage services can help prevent injury, assist with rehabilitation and promote a speedy recovery.

All sportspeople complain of tight muscles and stiffness from time to time. Scheduling a sports massage immediately post strenuous can significantly help in improving your recovery time from muscle soreness.

A Flexed massage practitioner relieves stress and pain for a patient at Flexed Melbourne

Being a multidisciplinary clinic, you can also take advantage of the number of services that we offer. This includes a dietitian, physiotherapy, functional training and Pilates – both clinical and fitness.