A trusted name in physiotherapy, Flexed is a multi-disciplinary health clinic based in the heart of Malvern committed to providing the utmost in health and fitness standards. Located a short distance from Hawthorn, Flexed is perfect for those looking for a physio in Hawthorn.

Headed by qualified physiotherapist Josh Kestenberg, we are able to provide you with a number of physio services and treatments. With experience treating and managing both chronic and acute pain, we can devise an appropriate and tailored approach to your health. Whether your condition is due to ageing, an accident or injury, or has been present since birth, we have a number of techniques to provide effective treatment and alleviate pain.

From initial assessment and diagnosis through to the treatment and ongoing management and prevention of your ailment, you will receive the highest level of professional service, care and expertise. We are passionate about your health and will work closely with you to attain your mobility and recovery goals. We also provide dietitian, functional training, Pilates and massage services.

With so much on offer, Flexed is the premier physiotherapy clinic in the south east. If you’ve looked around Hawthorn, why not try Flexed?